The establishment of Taylor chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church in the year 1949 added a new chapter to the C.M.E. church history.  Prior to this time, Black Methodists attended Kyles, Temple A.M.E. Zion church or traveled to Richmond or Oakland to attend C.M.E. churches.

Mrs. Mary Taylor and her three daughters, Mrs. Virgil Lee, Mrs. Ruthlene Patton and Mrs. Alberta Anderson, who were raised in the C.M.E. tradition of Louisiana and Arkansas, longed for these inspiring and reverent services and wished for such a church in Vallejo.  

Mrs. Taylor’s brother, Rev. J.B. Bullock, who was then the Presiding Elder of the Dallas Texas District, visited her in the summer of 1949.  After reminiscing about the good times back home, Mrs. Taylor discussed the idea of a C.M.E. church in Vallejo. With her brother’s encouragement, Mrs. Taylor wrote to Rev. Wellington Smith, the Presiding Elder of the Oakland District, asking for his support in establishing a C.M.E. Church in Vallejo.  During the postwar years of the forties, may people were employed at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and didn’t have time to make the weekly two-hour round trip journey to Oakland on a two-lane road.  Rev. Smith agreed that there was a need for a local C.M.E. Church.